How to buy

How do I go about purchasing?




How do I buy a tractor?

This is how it works....

ArmaTrac have developed a new way to provide farmers and businesses with a new tractor.

Each area of the country is covered by an ArmaTrac Dealer.  This dealer may not be close by, but this does not matter.  You contact your area dealer to discuss your requirements, who will be happy to help.

After your purchase, customer service is our priority. You will be looked after for servicing, either by the Dealer or a locally appointed agricultural engineer. These are mostly very experienced self employed people who are then trained on the ArmaTrac products.

Most parts are in stock in the UK and are available overnight as with other brands.

Why It works.
The reason we work this way, is to avoid expensive overstaffed depots, which add a large extra cost to the purchase price and servicing.
In other words, we give you the best value for money without compromise.
Join other businesses up and down the country who have purchased our products.