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We have recently become part of the Tuchel Maschinenbau franchise and now able to sell Sweepers, Brushes, trac vehicles and snow ploughs.

This is a great addition to our range of products. With a good selection available for all different needs.


* Sweepers - Which are low weight, High performance to massive robust designed sweepers, for tough conditions.

* Snow Ploughs - In a range of sizes from the small end which quickly free you of snow to the larger end with strong snow blades, for bigger jobs.

* Trac Vehicles - Versatile machines that help minimise hard physical labour in agriculture, parks and landscaping or local authorities.

Thanks to its variety of attachment systems suitable for almost all types of carrier-vehicles. The simple sweeping mode enables to either work with or without the dirt collector, without having to dismount it. Width is 230cm with 3 point linkage.

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