Re-Mapping and Fault Solving . .

We can offer re-maps and solutions to Ad-blue, EGR and DPF problems, on most agricultural and construction equipment. We also offer re-maps for vehicles.

What is Re-Mapping?
By re-mapping your equipment you can improve its fuel efficiency, enabling you to save money on fuel.
With the increase on fuel and energy prices this has to be a good thing.

How it works.
The original software imposes artificial limits on power and torque, as manufacturers need to make sure that the equipment will perform in all international weather conditions.

The manufacturer default map can be replaced with software that has been programmed to optimise the way your engine runs, allowing us to recover previously inaccessible reserves of power and torque.

Questions you may have asked yourself, how can I solve..

Being stuck in limp mode?
* Unlocking Power Potential (BHP)
* Increase MPG
* Reduce and Save costs on repairs
* Reduce downtime and loss of earnings

Agricultural Tuning

* Unlock additional Horse Power
* Run more efficiently
* Perfect when pulling heavy loads
* Get the job done quicker

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We are authorised agents for Avon Tuning and AT Agri & Plant Division.

To find out what we could do for your vehicle and equipment please use the table below:

Servicing & Repairs

With experience first hand by means of college, land based and hands on we are able to offer service and repairs of farm machinery, specialising in potato equipment.

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