Pledge to 'Tilly' your Trailer. . .

What its all About

Agricultural trailers are legally required under PUWER 98 Regulations to be in a roadworthy condition. Well maintained and in good working order with records of maintenance held by the owner/farmer.

The Tilly trailer pass offers the opportunity for trailers to be maintained to the legal standard. An annual 18 point inspection will be carried out on your farm by authorised mechanics.

Upon completion and passing of the test a Tilly certificate will be fixed to the tailgate of your trailer, clearly displaying a Tilly pass unique number.

This will be recorded alone with your chassis number for a thorough record of your maintenance.

Why was Tilly Pass set up?

The Tilly Pass was set up in memory of a 19 year old lad who tragically was killed in 2014 while harvest working. The company of which he was working for was found guilty of failing to maintain its road equipment and ensure the health and safety of its employees and fined. The family of the 19 year old set up the Tilly Pass naming it after his beloved pet dog, Tilly.

Tilly also stands for:


tilly passtilly passtilly pass

Lets prevent this happening again.

In an effort to prevent similar accidents from happening again, the family are lobbying MPs for a change in the law around trailer checks and maintenance. Making sure your equipment is serviced not only ensures your trailer performs reliably and efficiently, but most importantly, safely.

Signing up to the campaign will not only give farmers a paper trail to prove their equipment has been checked if an incident does occur, but will give drivers peace of mind the trailers they are using are safe.

tilly pass certificatetilly pass certificate